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Minutes of The JDCMG Meeting

September 9, 2008. UCSB


JDCMG Meeting Notes from 09/09/2008

Move to migrate mainframe workload to UCOP:

  • UCSB is in process, should finish later this year
  • UCB in talks to move workload.
  • Plans for UCR, UCI????

    * One request: Could every Mainframe site come up with a total cost of
    their mainframe environment: Hardware, software, people etc?

    ** IdM-gaining ground UCSB working with Sun.
    UCB working on it internally.

Data Center build outs:

  • Several campuses still spending money locally to expand their existing
    space, cooling and electrical.
  • Idea of Regional DCs gaining ground Potential of using San Diego Super
    Computer site as overflow site with 10,000 Sq Ft. Potential NERSC space
    in Oakland as well.


  • UCD moving Students to Google soon.
  • UCB looking for someone to run the 500ish Exchange clients.

Monitoring software:

  • UCD purchasing Cittio

Next meeting at UC Davis in January 2009.

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