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Minutes of the JDCMG Meeting

September 15, 2005, UCSD

IBM Software Deal

  • Sheila Bayati presented the current IBM software ELA. Most of the discussion concerned how the "new product" product list is defined and the importance of making sure we realistically estimate the on-going MLC charges.
  • In the discussion we learned that we can get an even greater discount on the operating system by buying it through an IBM business partner hardware vendor. If we do this we can still take advantage of the ELA agreement for the non operating software.
  • Karen also passed out a document describing IBM's zSeries software pricing and IBM's special programs that can significantly reduce the mainframe software costs.
  • Action items:

    • Karen will send all the sites the information that the current MLC estimates were based on. The sites then need to review that information and decide on their upgrades and new purchases for the next three years. IBM would like this list no later than November 1, 2005, so we can arrange the deal before the end of the year.
    • IBM will give us the list of products that potentially can be included.

IBM Hardware Deal

  • Sites should continue to bid to IBM business partners. The incentive is based on the incremental MIPS acquired from July 2005, through December 31, 2005. The incentive is an IBM book credit that can be used on any z-series hardware, software or services. 750 MIPS equals $27K incentive; 1000 MIPS equals $43K incentive.
  • Karen complained to IBM for the low percent of incentive, approximately 2%. IBM is reviewing what they can do to improve the offer.
  • UC Davis Medical Center was not included in the MIPS estimates and we asked that the next proposal have another incentive level.
  • Karen will survey to see if there is enough planned business on IBM storage and tape for a storage and tape deal (about $500K worth before December 31, 2005)

Webified Vendor Scorecard

Joint Data Center Managers Web Site Security

  • Charlotte told the group the userid and password to access information on the JDCM groups Web site. An ID and password are required to access the vendor scorecards, the mainframe hardware and services inventory, and the software inventories.
  • Action Item:

    • Karen asked that anyone who has not yet sent in their hardware and services inventory information or their software inventories to send them to her.

Storage Management and E-vaulting

  • Rudy Arriola presented what UCLA does for Storage Management and E-Vaulting.
  • Tom Kelly reviewed the alternatives for E-vaulting.
  • The best solution would be to use channel extenders between the sites and use our current backup methodology. Tom and the others will continue to look at the alternatives, get pricing info and develop a prototype between a couple of campuses.
  • Action Item

    • We need to determine the amount of storage and new software to do this, along with the cost for the channel extenders.


  • Patrick wants input about the most important ITIL areas so he can develop a questionnaire of the campuses regarding inventory of tools and projects. The top two are Help Desk and Change Management. His target is to get the questionnaire out by September 23. He wants input by October 14.


  • Walt went over what Berkeley is doing. They expect to have their policies and practices in place in about three months.

New Co-Chair

  • Paul Weiss from UCOP volunteered. Thanks Paul!

Next Meetings

  • Conference call
      October 14, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
  • Meeting
      January 12, 2006, UCSB
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