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Minutes of the JDCMG Meeting

September 1, 2004, UCLA


The meeting started with introductions. Attendance included representatives from UCB, UCB-Lab, UCD, UCI, UCLA, UCOP, UCSB, UCSF Medical Center, and UCSD.

Next Meeting:

The group discussed the next face-to-face meeting and scheduled it for October 27, 2004 at UCB. Shel Waggener will provide logistics. It was decided that some campuses may want to fly in the evening before and have a dinner session as a prelim to the next day's agenda. That is left up to each campus. Agenda items will include the following:

  • Tour and additional background information on UCB Data Center build out
  • SLA (Service Level Agreements)
  • SAN/Storage Services
  • Vendor Scorecard (continuation)
  • Recharge and Cost Models (continuation) - based on additional info being sent to Shel for consolidation from the other campuses

Recharge and Cost Modeling Discussion:

UCLA, UCD, and UCSB provided a lot of insight on the models they use and offered to send along any documentation that provided additional details. All other campuses should also send any information they think pertinent to the list. Shel will collate it and we will use it for further discussion at our next session.

Charlotte asked UCD if they could send out the updated Data Center document that Morna was compiling, and it will be posted to the Web site (do we need to protect this info from others viewing it?).

Many of the campuses are being asked to provide some type of services (floor space, operations, etc.) for individual departments, due to space constraints and environmental support, so sharing this data is key for all of us to be on the same page with management and the budget decision makers.

Vendor Scorecard Discussion:

The entire group indicated that a scorecard needed to exist and that we would like to see if help is available from the UCOP IT Licensing and Procurement Group. Charlotte said she would pass this issue along to the ITLC group (via Elazar Harel) that's meeting in San Diego next week.

Shel will draft a spreadsheet with data points the group felt were necessary to track, and this will become a talking point at the October meeting. It was the general consensus that we are still missing opportunities to negotiate the best deals for the campuses and a lot more work could be done here. Some of the points that will be on the spreadsheet are: local/global view from each campus, total dollars to spend, total licenses, Web based, downloadable, ratings-service levels, rep. quality, product quality, flexibility of licensing, central language examples for contracts, VAR info, etc.


  • Each campus send whatever documents they have regarding the Recharge and Costing Models item
  • UCD will send the current draft of the Data Center configuration document
  • Shel and Charlotte will draft the spreadsheet and proposal for requesting help from UCOP on Vendor interactions
  • Shel will send out logistics info for next meeting
For questions or changes to the minutes please contact Charlotte Klock, Director, UCSD Data Center, (858)822-1223.
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