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Minutes of The JDCMG Meeting

May 09, 2008


JDCMG Meeting Notes from 05/09/2008

  1. Campus RFPs
    • UCLA –Just purchased IBM storage, 25TBs, 64GB cache. JACK-please provide all technical specs and pricing to the group.
    • UCB –Just purchased 200TBs storage from HDS for $270K. 2 AMS1000 Storage arrays: 1 with 60TB SATA, 18TB 300GB 15K FC disk for $130K the 2^nd one is 120TB SATA for $140K. Both have 16GB of cache. Contact walth@berkeley.edu <mailto:walth@berkeley.edu> for more details.

      * UCLA’s box cost $458K. Jeskell underbid the closest competitor by
      about $200K. All disk drives within the box will be 146 gb drives/15k
      RPM. Price includes software (global PPRC, PAV, etc) training, data
      conversion by the vendor and 1 year maintenance on hardware & software.

  2. HPCCs - nothing shared ......
  3. Shared services between campuses - UCSB exploring have DR with UCOP for mainframe by end of 2008 and moving mainframe work to UCOP in 2009.
  4. VMWare deal MIGHT be expiring in June, order now to be sure. UCD is evaluating VMWare and Zen.
  5. UC wide mid-range RFP results to be back by June to hopefully give us better pricing on servers and storage.
  6. UCSC meeting 6/24 at UCSC, tentative schedule from 10-4. Adele to send out info next week.
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