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Minutes of The JDCMG Meeting

March 06, 2008

JDCMG Onsite Minutes at UCSD – Scriber Walt Hagmaier

Attending (likely incomplete)

UCSF – Kevin Barney, Surya Nurayana.
UCSC - Adele Guerzon.
UCB – Walt Hagmaier, Steve Aguirre   
UCSD – Charlotte Klock., Tom Kelly.
UCI – Allen Scino, Paul Crump.
UCD – Morna Melor., Dave Zavatson, Dana Drennan.
UCLA – Jack Ewart, Karen Melick.
UCOP –Michael Yuan ,
UCR - Mary Livaudais, Russ Harvey.
UCSB – Kirk G., Mark McGilvra.

Interesting round table discussion on continued theme of Data Centers
running out of space and power. Bigger push for regional data centers.

  • UCSB is embarking on a new student system written in .Net.
  • UCSF has new Peoplesoft upgrade, new pSeries hardware from IBM.
  • UCLA has a disk RFP for 25 TB coming out soon.
  • UCOP got a deal on a mainframe IFL that gave them 8GB of memory cheaper
    than buying 8GB of memory.
  • UCB moving Payroll to UCOP.
  • Lots of Virtualization of severs going on. Most have done it with
    Windows and starting on Unix.
  • Discussed more campuses moving mainframe workload to UCOP. UCSB looking
    to move soon with UCR studying the idea. UCB thinking they can move in 5
  • Looking for ideas to share services across campuses.
  • Some discussion on email, trying to partner for campuses with Exchange,
    like UCSD, UCD and UCOP.
  • UCB offering its services (co-location, server hosting, storage, backup)
    to any campus interested.
  • The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for end of May, early June at
  • Agenda topics will be VMWare licenses.
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