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Minutes of the JDCMG Meeting

June 8 2006, UCR

Partial List of Attendees

UCOP: Fernan, Paul, Michael UCSD: Tom, Charlotte, Frank UCI: Allen, Paul UCR: Mary UCSB: Kirk UCLA: Karen, Jack UCD: Dave UCSF: Kevin

Campus Round Table


  • CIO recruitment, committee recommended candidate, waiting for decision
  • Data Center renovation leading to retasking of DC for Academic and Research work, Administrative Computing just a tenant. IBM Global Services participating. Considerable campus interest but no funding sources yet. No lights either.
  • Mainframe Adabas data replication project moving forward but delayed. We are successfully replicating into MS SQL server in real time. Needs to be robustified.
  • Electronic Document Delivery being explored focusing on the Lanier PDC gateway and possible use of Document Mall or other repositories. Most Enterprise Document Management applications are cost prohibitive though.
  • Course Management System development using Sakai in process after project assigned 1.5 FTE. Hoping for limited pilot this Fall. IS&C hosting app servers on VMWare infrastructure.
  • Identity Management – project in process with Sun/Aegis using the Sun IdM suite (formerly Waveset Lighthouse) to sync our Enterprise LDAP with a TDB Enterprise AD. We are likely to move provisioning from directly into LDAP to IdM allowing it to provision secondary identity repositories.


  • Open Unix Admin Position @ $100k since Nov – most want $130k + , problem recruiting desirable staff.
  • Sybase to DB2 on Unix (Solaris) in process ??
  • eCommerce – Cyquest investigation
  • Document Management Systems needed / requested by several groups.
  • working on interface to UC For Yourself – Shibolith
  • RFP for storage in process – Mainframe / Open / or both. 10-20TB $660k - $4m, ideally RFP will be avail for other UC's to leverage.


  • transforming operations group, which is presently two seperate groups, into more capable 24x7 operation, driven by delivery of new services and support expectations. The merger of the UC Online systems brought problems to a head. Too many false alarms from Ops staff to SysAdmins. Desire to bring in more senior people.
  • UCI payroll to UCOP, now 9 of 11 campuses.
  • Colocation – HIPAA compliance requirements are helping drive the desire to colo since phys security of the servers and data thereon is easier to address with the servers in the Data Center.


  • DR test at IBM – up in 3 hours on last test!
  • Almost final report on BIA work by IBM, pulled in 12 other campus orgs, “neutral” external vendor was helpful in getting depts to identify realistic service RPO's – (3) under 1 hour, (6) 4 hours, (15) 24 hours, most 3-7 days. Surveyed production servers and mapped to applications. 440 servers (initially estimated at 120). IBM recommended a look at some DR planning tools such as LDRPS.
  • Looking at audit / change management tools on the distributed computing side such as Harvest and Endeavor.


  • scaling security group to 6 IT staff. Provides resources to campus departments w/o resources on their own, perform system audits on request.
  • new CTO Peter Seagel ???
  • looking to build new Data Center. @ 14k sq ft, 4-5k sq ft for existing systems, 5k for UC Wide DR, 5k hi density. Ready for move-in as early as Oct 2008 but more likely early 2010 according to campus staff. Total capacity of 700 racks (of which nearly 100 will be comm and infrastructure depending on tech chosen).
  • New DC - Examined costs to renovate and increase capacity of existing DC before deciding on new facility. New DC will be next to central campus cooling plant and 3.2 MW co-gen facility.
  • Big DR issue is Pandemic Planning – campus mandate to come up with
    departmental plans.


  • (2) New Laser 92ppm Printers from Lanier going into service, using VPS LCDS conversion.
  • Earthquake mitigation based on UCSD solution (isobase?) being installed.
  • Increasing HVAC capability for Academic Computing
  • Colo expansion using multiple sites on campus for redundancy, trying to locate suitable spaces from distributed data center
  • Evaluating Help Desk software
  • campus moving to co-gen model, determining how to reengineer power feeds

Liebert Demo (misc notes)

  • 3.5KW = 1 Ton = 12,000 BTU
  • ASHRAE recommends > 150w/sqft = 4.8KW / rack
  • UCSD Supercomputer Center – utilizing ceiling retun air plenum bought them 2 years of time to renovate HVAC system
  • typical DC design up to 3-4 years ago was 50w/sqft
  • 2/3 of equipment failures from top 1/3 of rack
  • more info at Uptime Institute
  • empty racks slots in hot/cold row create inefficient airflow, need to use blacnking plates
  • there are minimum raised floor plenum heights for different levels of traditional HVAC cooling.
  • Leibert has several solutions including ceiling hung units that have no impact on usable floor space or raised floor capacity.
  • Their XDO/XDV/XDH systems use a closed loop R134A refrigerant system that makes chilled water unnecessary in the rack areas. In the event of a leak the R134A gasses off. Possible to use chilled water heat exchanger too.
  • Sun is using Liebert solutions to build scalable DC's.

Disaster Recovery Status

DR Communications (Karen)

  • awareness of UC Messaging Group and potential impact / overlap with JDCMG initiative
  • Microsoft has hotmail offering – Microsoft Live at EDU – free in perpetuity for students, no ads while students active, faculty & staff would get ads – 1 banner but no pop-ups.


disk-to-disk sync over network, evaluating what needs to be at each site to


  • shared requirements with each other
  • will likely keep IBM offsite agreement for the first year or so until the joint UC DR plan matures and is proven


Coordinating on common vtape solution. UCSB moving forward with configuring DR rack onsite for testing. Looking to obtain eval of the FLEX-CUB emulator.

IBM DR site customers – sounds like we have at least 5 UC entities using IBM cold-site services. Perhaps we need to investigate a better rate structure.

Electronic Document Management

  • UCI Mobius Document Direct - 120 concurrent users
  • UCOP considering offering a Document Direct / View Direct service to other UC groups.
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