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Minutes of the JDCMG Meeting

July 8, 2005, Conference Call


UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC San Diego
UC San Francisco 
UC Santa Barbara
UC Merced
UC Riverside
UC Santa Cruz
Patrick McGrath
Walt Hagmaier
Greg Balin
Morna Mellor
Dana Drennan
Karen Melick
Michael Yuan
Charlotte Klock
Frank Whittemore
Tom Kelly
Steve Sullivan
Robert Vasquez

Vendor scorecard

    No status. Allen and Shel were not present.

IBM Negotiations Status

  • IBM was given the information it requested regarding mainframe growth and "new content" and is waiting back for both the software and hardware proposals. The hardware has two ways to go: a rebate format, or a price per MSU. With what we know, and the lack of a UCOP resource to gather purchase plans on a three to six month basis, the rebate format seems like a better fit. IBM should be providing more information on both plans.
  • The group agreed on a strong recommend to the ITLC that UC Strategic Sourcing get involved and take responsibility for negotiations with IBM, since it is the largest data center expense - $24 to $42 million annually.

Leveraging Hardware, Software and Services Purchases

  • Two spreadsheets were sent last week to gather information for hardware, software and services from the campuses and medical centers. Karen has received the information from some locations and requested that the remainder send her the information in the next week or two.
  • Karen will consolidate the information and forward it to the group.
  • Charlotte is looking at what can be done to add it to the JDCMG Web site with some type of security.
  • Patrick Collins has resigned and his last day will be July 29. This leaves the UCOP IT Strategic Sourcing group down from three people to one.


  • Tom said that there is no RAID based solution available at any of the locations interested in doing this. He looked at software solutions and thinks that Softek Replicator could do the job. The list price is $22K for up to 165 MSUs. We should be able to get started with a no cost trial license. What he's looking at is setting it up for once a day synch points for daily backups. This solution does not address the needs for offsite archives.
  • Michael Yuan and SD will move forward with the trial. Berkeley will be available in September and Karen will follow up with Jack for UCLA's participation.
  • UCB and UCSB discussed their options.


  • UCB's Data Encryption Policy for Databases and Portable Devices is due out July 19. It will be distributed to the group by Shel or Patrick when it is available.
  • Charlotte will distribute the draft RFP for a UC-wide encryption solution that was driven by HIPPA issues and through the UC Information Security Work Group.

Help Desk Software

  • Patrick will send out a survey next week.

Change Management/ ITIL

  • Patrick will send the PowerPoint presentation.


  • Three (UCLA, UCOP and UCI), maybe four (UCR) campuses are using Mobius's ViewDirect Report Distribution System. UCLA and UCOP will need to negotiate with them for their September upgrades and they will coordinate that to get a better deal.

UCTrust Project

  • Michael asked if there was interest in discussing what's going on with the UCTrust project. For those interested there will be presentations on this at the UCCSC meeting August 7-9, or you can go to the UCOP Web site for more information.

2005 Meeting Schedule

  • Conference calls, second Friday of each month, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
    August 12 - canceled
    October 11
    November 10
    December 9, 11:30-1:00

  • Meetings
    September 15, UCSD - details will follow
    January 13, 2006, UCSB

For questions or changes to the minutes please contact Charlotte Klock, Director, UCSD Data Center, (858)822-1223.

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