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Minutes of The JDCMG Meeting

January 26, 2009


JDCMG Meeting Notes from 01/26/2009

Thanks for everyone attending both onsite and via our first video conference. Thanks to UCD for providing the initial kickoff to this new way for us to conduct business.

Big news is the budget situation for all of us. It seems hiring freezes and belt tightening is still the order of the day except for UCB which is proceeding with layoffs in the near future.

The UCSD Super Computer DC is almost reality. We are expecting approved proposals in the next month or so where we can use several thousand Sq Ft as a COLO DC. Pricing looks to be around $7K/year per rack.

IBM is preparing pricing for potential mainframe upgrades for UCOP, UCSD, UCLA and UCB to z10 technology. The “claim” is that the cost will be under $200K per location and software savings can fund the upgrade with ROIs of less than 24 months….we shall see.

UCD has moved Student email to Google, others are investigating as well.

All campuses are asked to send out a document or link to your service offerings so that we can all see what everyone is doing/charging.

The next onsite meeting is in Riverside in April, Mary to take point.

Walt  will book a conference call in March.

Topics for our next meeting both via conference call and the onsite/videoconference can be sent to Walth@berkeley.edu

Also be thinking of what vendor presentation you want to see.

To contact Polargy for the hot aisle/cold aisle discussion cary.frame@polargy.com

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