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Minutes of The JDCMG Meeting

February 16, 2007

JDCMG Con Call Notes – Scriber Kirk Grier


UCSD – Charlotte K.
UCLBL – Greg Balin
UCB - Walt Hagmaier
UCI – Paul Weiss
UCLA – Karen Melick
UCSD – Frank Whittemore
UCSB – Kirk Grier
UCDMC – Tony Pinillos
UCD – Dave Zavatson
UCD – Morna Mellnor
UCM – Jose (for Janet Hines)

DBA and SA Audit Tracking / Security

UCLA has identified some products that may fit the requirements. However, before proceeding guidance in needed from ITLC as to how the UC will respond to the audit findings driving the requirement. The effort and cost to comply is non trivial. Why should one campus, i.e. UCLA, move to comply if compliance by all will not be mandated?  If compliance by all is mandated, what is the opportunity for common solutions and central funding? Kirk agreed to summarize and forward question to ITLC. 

Karen also mentioned that UCLA is reviewing what information is publicly available in an effort to limit disclosure of information that can be used against them. They envision 3 levels: world, intranet and departmental. In this context for example, the DR information on the JDCMG site would require a login to access. UCLA is looking at creating ACL's for all subnets. UCLA is preparing an RFQ to line up vendors to perform penetration testing.

Disaster Recovery Updates

UCLA / UCB – UCLA has engaged IBM to assist in the Distributed Systems DR effort. In considering the UCOP ITSS approved vendors, they are geared more toward the PCI compliance for which they were chosen. UCB expects to ramp up their effort with UCLA as they have secured funding to move forward. UCLA recognizes that systems that are in their 4 hour RTO window, and possibly in the 24 hour RTO, need to be on  a hot DR system.

UCSD / UCOP – Global Mirroring of data UCOP -> UCSD in place and reliable. Some consolidation of data in process at UCSD. Expectation that UCSB -> UCOP Global Mirror will be real time by end of Feb.  Still to determine impacts of each site running the other's workload in addition to their own should a DR event occur.

UCSB / UCR – z/VM operational on z/800 with UCSB z/OS.e development system as guest. Next steps are to create UCR guest, and test FLEXCUB under z/VM control.

UCI – present plan is that the mainframe will be phased out over the next 3-4 years, what to do in DR space in the interim is under review.

JDCMG needs to be thinking about how to (re)communicate to ITLC the need for central support for DR coordination and funding.

Dell Vendor Scorecard

Dave @ UCD has demo of web based survey online for review and feedback. JDCMG'ers need to review and provide feedback. Here's his link and comments:

A demo of the Educara Survey built Dell vendor scorecard is at


I am mucking with the stylesheets to make it a little more pretty.  One
deficiency I have found is you can't really group items together under a
subheading on a single page.  That is why subitems are on separate pages.

The advantage of this type of system is the mysql database that is
populated with responses.  I think something like this would also be a lot
easier to present to a wider population for soliciting responses.
One motivation for the survey is that UCOP ITSS is exploring Vendor PC negotiation. Opinions on Dell, and especially the service and support relationship, may be helpful.

Electronic Document / Content Management

IBM has indicated that they want to present to the group, which they were unable to do at the onsite visit  due to illness. A webinar / webex can hit 90% of the material that the in person presentation would have, so we will move forward with setting that up for JDCMG members. LRS would like to present on PageCenter at the next JDCMG onsite.

UCLA and UCI are using Mobius. UCSB has being trying to get a test group together to evaluate the Lanier PDC and DocumentMall solution, though have not been able to convene a group of pilot testers. UCSB is also investigating the Xythos file sharing system. The Xythos folks indicate that they can accept print output streams and route to user folders.

Data Encryption

Jose @ UCM reports they are using Cryptainer in several service level offerings for W2K, XP and Vista machines. 80% of their workforce is mobile.

Dave @ UCD reports they are looking at specs for whole disk encryption, not leaving it up to the  individual user to chose which folders to encrypt. They are using PointSec for Desktops and Mobile phones. Within the Data Center all the DB's are Oracle, and using Oracle's encryption. Also use Veritas Net Backup encryption, key in safe, unique key for each system.

UCLA using the native DB encryption tools, where available. One of the drivers for MS-SQL shops is the additional encryption options in MS-SQL 2005. Encrypted tape drives in IBM and Storage Tek space bring up the need for robust key management in DR.

UCSD Med Ctr evaluating the PointSec tools.


UCM – presently recommending that folks stay with XP SP2, upgrade to Vista when they buy Vista Ready replacement hardware.

UCD performed an extensive evaluation of Vista application compatibility with a team of UCD IT and end-user staff. The results are mostly positive, and the available at http://iet.ucdavis.edu/microsoft/

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