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Minutes of the JDCMG Meeting

February 3, 2005, UCLA

The meeting started with introductions. Attendance included representatives from UCB, UCB-Lab, UCD, UCI, UCLA, UCOP, UCSB, UCSD Medical Center, and UCSD.


      Vendor Scorecards
      Service Level Agreements
      Information for UCI meeting on March 4.

Vendor Scorecards:

Shel provided a consolidated spreadsheet for discussion purposes prior to the meeting. That spreadsheet will not be posted until we resolve security issues and determine who should be able to view and update it. Below are purposed changes and open issues based on the discussion during the meeting:

    1. How do we handle VARS and Integrators?
      • Look at modifying the tool to accommodate
    2. Need to modify the way comments are tracked
      • Include option for private (local to campus) and public comments
    3. Change (increase) the scale and standardize both importance and assessment (1-10 scale?)
    4. Add a timeframe so the tool shows the period of time each person has evaluate (should be standard 12 month trailing period)
    5. Add radio bullets to show size of purchases during last 12 months Purchases: <25k, 25-50, 50-100, 100-250, 250-500, 550k>
    6. Add radio buttons for Product Category (ie hardware, software, integrator, maintenance
    7. Develop guidelines for usage based on recommendations of the team to have each campus us its local data as well as the global UC rollup number. The four options considered:
        Options Vote
        Local data locally 0
        Only Global Data 3
        Use both Local data and Global Data 5
        Use Local, Global, and Other Campus Data 3

    8. Work with Patrick Collins on guidelines and standard documentations for use of the tool
    9. Develop a next generation web version of the tool that will store history.

Service Level Agreements:

We briefly discussed this topic and asked that UCLA and UCD forward their SLAs to the list for all to review. Everyone should bring copies of these documents to the next meeting (and any others you may have as well) along with comments and questions. Our goal is to determine how we can all build "Best Practices" for each of our campuses.

Next Meeting:

UCI Campus, March 4, 8:30 am – 5 pm

    Location: University Club
    Lunch: UCI will host the lunch buffet.
    Directions: Driving to UCI
    Parking: The parking lot next to facility is reserved for guests, so parking passes will not be necessary.
    Connectivity: The University Club has wireless coverage.
    Accommodation: There are many hotels near John Wayne airport, including the Ayres Suites, where visitors to UCI have stayed in the past. If you need assistance, Allen Shiano may be able to help.
For questions or changes to the minutes please contact Charlotte Klock, Director, UCSD Data Center, (858)822-1223.
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