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Minutes of The JDCMG Meeting

August 09, 2007

JDCMG Onsite Minutes at UCI – Scriber Kirk Grier

Attending (likely incomplete)

UCSF – Kevin B.
UCB – Walt H.    
UCSD – Charlotte K.
UCI – Allen S.
UCD – Morna M., Dave Z.
UCLA – Jack E.
UCOP – Paul W.,
UCIMC – Greg
UCDMC – Tony P.
UCSB – Kirk G., Mark M.

Extended Roundtable – covered many topics from other agenda items

UCDMC (Tony) – looking at mainframe storage, CIO candidates for Med Center, looking at better cooperation with UCD Campus, EMR system for Xray, MRI, images using @ 14TB today.

UCB (Walt) – RFQ for 150TB of storage, mail systems presently 50TB growing to 100TB, replaced CommuniGate with Cyrus IMAP, Student 2012 initiative to rewrite student systems in the next 5 years, updated DB2 from v8 to v9.

UCI (Allen, Cheryl) – change in firewall posture to a deny all unless departments provide and ask for specific port openings. Moving to increase email quota limits. New Law School coming – examining space, location issues. Distributed IT departments starting to “come back” to centralized IT services. Mainframe decommission target 2011 – post Kuali Financial System implementation.

UCSF (Kevin) – working on design / development for new 9000 sqft Data Center, initially will be @ 5000 sqft with 750KW generator, 2nd 750KW generator to be added later. Looking at School of Medicine colocation. Exploring agreement with UCD for Financial Systems failover being in place by March 2008.

UCLA (Jack) – replacing tape library with unit w/encryption, 500GB drives @ 2000 carts, generate 4 tapes a day, full volume mainframe only. (Karen) SOW for consultant to assist in the DC planning,i.e. real estate expertise. IBM BIA evaluating options as to what to do. MF DR with IBM, 24 hour tier 1 at other remote sites. Distributed DR is likely to be a hot mirror but TBD. Issuing Security Access Audit RFP, Penetration Testing RFP.

UCD (Morna, Dave) – presently have 2 racks at UCSF for DR. Exploring adding +60T of HVAC into existing facility – possibly Liebert XDR's above racks, good for 10KW , expect highest rack load at 12KW. Possibility of hosting HPC in colo, seperate Admin and HPC areas, moratrium on upgrades to other machine rooms on campus coming. Council of Deans to get handle on HPC needs. Sakai Deployment (4 FTE dedicated) replacing MyUCDavis this fall.  Total of 10 FTE on project – training, help desk, project manangement. Security breach was not on a DC hosted server but a deparmental / school server.

UCSD (Charlotte) – No research gear in DC, new gen for DC. Changes oto configuration of wireless AP's, challenges with IBM Global Mirror for DR, have open systems deployed on UCOP floor. Moving from Sun to AIX – more cost favorable. Moving from Sybase to DB2 – in prod for major components of DW in DB2v8. Performance gains tremendous – “IBM learned alot, again.” Presently have DB2 on MF and Distributed Systems. Network Services (@40FTE) now reporting to Charlotte, also email for faculty and staff. Data and Network Security oversight for Med Center also to Charlotte's group.

UCIMC – Addressing challenges with “OSHPOD” certification re: health care certification and relocating systems that we running with a certified facility. Addressing a Central ID system, last mile for CENIC. Working with UCSDMC for DR, first system likely to be medical imaging – AGFA – same system at both UCI and UCSD. Large Windows / >net shop, 340 servers, exchange, migrating from AIX to Redhat Linux

Infinite Vendor Presentation

3rd party hardware service and support. Contact Steve Burkett - SBurkett@infinitecomputer.com – for more info Server sites including UCLA and UCSB use Infinite with good results.

UCOP IT consolidation

UCOP (Paul) – Dell Virtualization study – average CPU util is 1.97%, industry average is 5% - UCOP will be able to consolidate onto @ 5 servers. Investigating potential info breach. Moving forward with effort reporting on Linux platform. “Pathways” presently on AIX/Sybase but will port to Linux/DB2. “Data on the Web” initative with student admissions, graduate data. Paul now managing Applicationts Group. Extended the lease on the Kaiser DC includes landlord improvement on cooling. Present lease expiration timing about in sync with availablity of NERSC DC. DC cleanup project lead to hight morale, pride in where you work. Investigating IT Consolidation – 40 people outside IR&C doing server & IT support. Possibily a “build it and they will come” model and a declaration from Katie Lapp to centralize all desktop and server support.

ITIL / Change / Incident Management Discussion

UCSF / Kevin leadoff – downplayed the ITIL relationship, didn't want the project seen as a “new religion”. Focused on service management and process improvement. Used Remedy with the ITSM modules to provied about 90% of what they needed. Service Desk owns the Incident Management program.

UCOP / Paul – Change Management covers planned maint, outages, emergencies. Weekly CM meeting with App Mgr, Net Mgr, Ops Mgr, @ 20 people. Provides End User Help Desk “Tech Desk”, DC Ops Help Desk is 7x24.

UCB – 4 FTE On release management – use CA Harvest, Endeavor, Subversion and Alchemist.

Products other use or are aware of: Remedy, Footprints, Heat, TrackIt, Magic

Distributed  platforms

General discussion about products and tools. Products mentioned include Network Physics (UCSB SA), SiteScope (UCLA), Zenoss (UCSB IS&C), Veritas I3, ServersAlive, WatchTower (UCSB IS&C), LoadRunner (UCSF, UCB).


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