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Minutes of The JDCMG Meeting

April 14, 2009, UCR


JDCMG Meeting Notes from 04/14/2009 at UCR

*Highlights* are:

Budget cuts were a big theme. Most campuses are getting cuts both this
fiscal and next fiscal year ranging from 5-15% each year.

UCB did layoff almost 10% of IT staff and is offering a Voluntary
Separation Option to encourage further reductions.

No other campus has done large layoffs at this time.


UCSB is outsourcing some mainframe support to Treehouse. Just Database?

They are nearing the end of the migration of their mainframe workload to
UCOP in August.

*UCOP* is growing their DC network access from 1Gb to 10Gb.


New Student System coming online soon. Was COBOL/VSAM now
DB2/JAVA/Webspere and COBOL.

Looking at moving mainframe DR to UCB in late ’09.

EMC SAN mirroring project underway for open systems DR at UCB. Bought
Data Domain for DR for Tier-2 apps.


Student Mail pilot ready for this summer.

Installing Banner Fin-Aid system for Jan ’10 on Solaris/Oracle.


Purchased new EMC SAN, selling VMs link is


Payroll moving to OP in June.

Working DR with UCLA, some open systems are live now, mainframe in summer.

VTL eval still going on, finished Falcon Store, Diligent and now doing
Data Domain. Expect to buy this summer.

Purchasing first SAN with SAS drives.


*Discussed possible new directions for JDCMG, more focus will occur at
the next meeting.

*Homework for all*

Send email to Kirk with recent hardware acquisitions that we will store
on the JDCMG website. That way we can all access recent purchases w/o
having to constantly ping the list.

A list of services you could sell to other campuses.

A list of services you would buy from other campuses. The WANTS.

Where you think you have a “Center of excellence”.

*Next meeting is at UCOP in July, Michael to schedule.

 *MANY thanks to Dave Zavatson for agreeing to co-chair. YIPEE!!!!

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