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Agenda of the JDCMG Meeting

September 1, 2004


10:30 a.m. – noon    
Please let Charlotte know if you will not be able to call in.

  • Introductions - All
  • Next face-to-face meeting - Shel/ Charlotte
        When – proposed for mid October or early November
        Where – UC Berkley
  • Open discussion topic (see list below) - All
  • Group communication – Charlotte
  • Close
Topics that received the most votes, based in your feedback:
  • Recharge and Costing Models - PowerPoint
        - Backups/ TSM
        - Storage
        - Printing
        - Mainframe
        - Distributed
  • Vendor Scorecard     - Common scorecard for all vendors we use

    Note: Since I don't recall who initially suggested the topics, please submit your specific questions and comments regarding the topic before the meeting so we have a starting base for discussion. Please send to the listserv so everyone has the same information. Also, prior to the call, please send any documentation you may want to share.

    If I don’t receive any questions or comments, we will move to the next topic.

Other Items suggested will remain in the pool for our fall meeting, or earlier conference calls, if needed.
    - Architecture/ monitoring and campus sharing/ neutral swapping
    - Physical Facility, especially renovations
    - SLA
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