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     JDCMG Agenda March 6, 2008

  March. 06, 2008 JDCMG meeting at UCSD


Round table to discuss current happenings at each campus
Tools the various campuses are using to document their IT disaster recovery plans. UCLA was expecting to use the
 “Restarting UC” tool that UC Berkeley  developed, but I have
recently found out that the tool is not geared for documenting an IT disaster recovery plan. It was designed to assist the business
departments in the development of their internal business
continuity plans
Shared Services for UC partnering
Vendor presentation Cittio
Virtual Server discussion: virtual server offerings, costs, and SLAs for those services.  I am talking about the datacenter offering cpu, disk, and memory out of a virtual pool for client use.  If anybody has cost models and SLAs for this and can send them to the list prior to the meeting, that’d be helpful.
UC Wide Mainframe Service Center - we touched on this at UCB. To gain economies of scale, we need to look at (re) centralizing mainframe computing services. Of all the technologies we run, mainframes lend themselves to this well. Maybe we can follow the redbook road :)
  15:00-15:30 Communication of changes in services offered across UC entities - How do we / should we handle the communication of changes in services used across campus borders to our far-flung customer base? This might be a change in a service at UCOP that many of us use, or a change in a Service Center like UCLA Travel. For sites with a strong central IT group, maybe the knowledge handoff to them is good enough. What about sites that are strongly decentralized?
  15:30-16:00 Wrap up and next steps.


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