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     Agenda of the JDCMG Meeting

  Mar. 16, 2006 JDCMG meeting at UCOP (Room 9204 1111 Franklin Street Oakland)


coffee, refreshments, set up (should be sufficient power strips for all and we have wireless access)
Report and discussion from the mainframe sub-committee that is looking at options for backing up our z/OS systems w/in the UC system. Goal is to have enough unanimity on approach so as to begin putting together recommendation to ITLC. Hope is to have completed proposal to ITLC by 4/1/06.
Report and discussion from communications sub-committee that is looking at options for having common & resilient DR web site, email capability and registration site. Goal is same as the mainframe DR
Lunch (tentative presentation while we're eating. Vendor that supplied the ISO-Based platforms and equipment tie-downs at UCSD might be able to show up briefly and discuss their solutions)
Continue communications sub-committee discussion
Roundtable, brief review of what is thinking and in place in terms of DR for distributed systems. While we're working on the two areas (mainframe and communications), shortly thereafter we hope to begin taking on broader look at possibilities. This is to get us thinking.
Finish up what we didn't complete, discuss (look for volunteer) for next Co-chair, discuss next mtg(s) and topics, insure action items are clearly defined and owned


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