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     JDCMG Agenda June 24, 2008

  June 24, 2008 JDCMG meeting at UCSC


Round table with all campuses
New services developed by campuses
_ Disaster Recovery statuses by campus
Shared services between campuses
_ VMWare status
_ UC wide mid-range RFP results to be back by June to hopefully    give us better pricing on servers and storage.
Michael Yuan asks:

_ How people on the JDCMG are doing on the subject of capacity planning and performance tuning.    With increasing virtualization on platform that does not generate performance and capacity data (to the detail like RMF into SMF on z), what products are people using? How hard are people willing to run their machines before upgrade? Who is looking at the data that is being collected? Anyone interested in selling/buying that service?

_ I like to ask people about publicly trusted Certificate Authority. Forthe RSN project, there is a need for a CA, we can take that CA to be publicly trusted, any one interested in that service?

_ With Web Service, we are going down the road of true distribute
computing. Have people thought about how to deal with application withits back end under different management?

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