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     JDCMG Agenda January 26, 2009

  January. 26, 2009 JDCMG meeting at UCD


Round table with all campuses
UC-wide Data center Progress-Paul Weiss via Michael Yuan perhaps?

Data Center build-outs:

Several campuses still spending money locally to expand their existing space, cooling and electrical.

Idea of Regional DCs gaining ground Potential of using San Diego Super Computer site as overflow site with 10,000 Sq Ft. Potential NERSC space in Oakland as well.

How are we all handling budget cuts?

Any strategies that could be shared by other campuses?

Any joint projects we can do to cut costs?

ITLC has asked for services to buy and sell by each campus

A summary of your Data Center Operational Budget / Expenses? Basically, staffing, S&E, physical plant maintenance, utilities, etc. - but not capital expenses or depreciation (unless they are already in your model and therefore easy to get). Just in whatever format you have it already.
IBM Mainframe Z10-BC discussion?

BM has asked for time to discuss the new Business Class mainframe and potential savings if more than one site upgrade to it.

See attachment for presentation materials

Polargy Hot/Cold Aisle Containment Systems 4 attachments included here
Move to migrate mainframe workload to UCOP:

Could every Mainframe site come up with a total cost of their mainframe environment: Hardware, software, people etc?

UCD moving Students to Google, UCB looking for someone to run the Exchange clients.
  14:15-14:30 (Tony) Monitoring software:

UCD purchasing Cittio

2:30-3:00 Michael Yuan: I am interested in talking about how everyone does the user authentication part of password reset, especially on remote users. I also like to see how much work/interest is there on some kind of LDAP integration within campus and within UC. The underline issue is how to deal with authentication for password reset with non-web applications. I am interested to see what people had done and can I integrate with them and if there is interest making the process system wide?



LBNL Aiflow Case Study.pdf (193 KB) Polargy Containment_Overview_19Jan09.pdf (2 MB)
LBNL and PGE detailed study.pdf (2 MB) Spreadsheet_zSeries_Technology-Dividend_012609.xls
NetApp Aiflow Case Study.pdf (520 KB) z10 BC_UC_meeting_0126_09.pdf (2 MB)



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