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Agenda of the JDCMG Meeting

Feb. 16, 2007. 10:30 - 12:00 A.M.

Call In Details:

      866-740-1260 passcode 8937960

Agenda Topics

Note - this is pretty much *everything* I have outstanding in previous notes, not all that I expect to cover :)  We should decide what will get near-term attention, what is tabled for later consideration, what is a non-starter unless we have specific marching orders from ITLC, and what
should be stricken. This part of the discussion doesn't need to wait until Friday ...

(1) Campus Updates of Note (whomever has anything)

(2) DR Updates (usual suspects)

BUT for the other folks besides Tony at UCD MC, is there enough info/solutions that other sites believe one of the current approaches is workable for them? At ITLC Paul indicated interest in hosting z/OS at UCOP applications wherein you just get the implemented DR solution. Potential service model/proposal forthcoming. Sounds like an interesting option.

And what about Distributed Systems DR?

(3) Dell Vendor Scorecard Next Steps

(4) Doc / Content Management Next Steps

  • IBM can do webex that will hit 90% of in person
  • LRS wants to present, Lanier / DocMall too
  • any campus have / able to adopt a system and offer as service to others?

(5) Encryption Next Steps

  • mainframe done? Anything left to learn? Common solution?
  • start working group looking at the distributed systems in the data center side of this? or is this a done thing too? Somebody have a reference model to share?
  • re: PointSec - from googling looks the UCB and UCD have this is production for mobile devices / dept desktops?

(6) ITLC Jan Meeting Summary (Paul has conflict, not sure if anyone else can report)

(7) MS Vista Support

(8) DBA and SA Audit Tracking. Seems like UCLA is leading the way on this. I don't know if the rest of us       are just bystanders.

(9) Expertise Inventory - who can help on what in case of emergency or best practices?

(10) Items supporting potential Data Center Consolidation as input to ITLC

Question: Is any of this just too hard to put together is a cohesive way w/o someone having the overall coordinator role? Perhaps a template that we "fill in the blank" and support with whatever existing docs we already have?

- UC Wide Data Center Infrastructure

Gather data about all current and planned data center spend system wide in terms of physical infra, build outs for more floor space, significant environmental upgrades, etc. Location of where the data centers are and where new expenditures are being considered - own or lease, on or off campus.

- UC Wide z/OS spend

Similar to the infrastructure spend but focused on personnel, hw & sw costs, pending systems upgrades and required system performance. UCSB for instance is becoming so sparsely staffed that maybe it makes sense to outsource the hardware side to another UC.

(11) Fees/funding/recharge in place for common services per Paul's Nov note.

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