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     JDCMG Agenda April 14, 2009

April. 14, 2009 JDCMG meeting at UCR


Round table with all campuses
UC-wide Projects:

Data center Progress of SDSC

Data Center build-outs:

Mail systems

Other Enterprise systems?

Disaster Recovery between campuses
How are we all handling budget cuts?

Any strategies that could be shared by other campuses?

Any joint projects we can do to cut costs?


Currently no vendor discussions have been planned, any ideas?

Move to migrate mainframe workload to UCOP:

SLAs for campus wide moves of applications or platforms:

Per Kirk/UCSB: Several of us are looking at moving services to our friends at UCOP. What do we expect / require in terms of a SLA with UCOP for these? And who expects / requires this at our ends?

This may be less of what we personally feel is necessary (after all we have Michael and Paul's cell phone numbers :), but what is necessary for the campuses to have a comfort level / agreed upon business relationship in moving the processes.

If we can provide a "template", it might make it easier to craft
agreements rather than each one being a one-off, unique process

Discuss possible new directions for JDCMG

Better focus for this group

How to communicate with ITLC
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