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     Agenda of the JDCMG Meeting

  Sept. 7, 2006   UCSF


Admin Items - Paul, Kirk, Kevin
UCSF CIO Welcome
DR Updates-CSB/UCR,UCB/UCLA,CSD/UCOP, Communications Group. If time, Karen go over the results of the BIA effort at UCLA and what is now happening.
Break, Roundtable on IT professional access monitoring. This topic came from outcome of 8 PWC audits last spring. Every UC location audited was cited for lack of monitoring of access by DBAs, system admins, etc\u2026 Basically - privileged access is a given to do the job by many, but audit indicates we need to monitor the validity of what is being done. Is anyone doing anything about this today or what are you considering doing? Every location will be audited by next year so it is coming down.
IT infrastructure org structure, roundtable. Just quick overview of how each of our orgs are structured. Also, briefly, how your org gets funding (core, recharge, other?)
Lunch, APC Vendor Presentation
Virtual data center tour from Kevin Barney
Colocation recharge models discussion.
  • how charging for servers in data centers
  • how handling recharge for backing up data
  • any other aspects that locations are doing or considering?
Kirk - VMware licensing update, UCSB Storage RFQ Results, UCSB IBM DC Renovation Proposal
Break, JDCMG futures discussion
  • what type of role and purpose best serves us and UC
  • some possible topics:
    - how we handle configuration management
    - change management
    - future vendor presentations such as:
           - LRS PageCenter Suite (Doc Mgmt)
           - Fundamental Software FLEX-ES / FLEX-CUB
           - other?
  • future con call and onsite mtg scheduling
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