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     Agenda of the JDCMG Meeting

June 7, 2006, UCR


Intros/Admin (Kirk, Paul)
Chuck Rowley, Riverside's AVC for Computing and Communications.
Roundtable - time to share events, issues, challenges, pleas for
help re: your campus, job offers, etc. (ALL) JDCMG futures (ALL)
DR - Status Update from ITLC Meeting (Paul). Review of current efforts to achieve DR (UCLA/UCB, UCSD/UCOP and possibly UCSB/UCR). Ideas for moving forward (ALL).
Lunch, Liebert Extreme Density Presentation w/ Q&A.
Elec Document Publishing and Content Management Systems in use, synergy with campus Sustainability Initiatives, use of service providers vs. internal, etc. (ALL)
JDCMG futures (ALL)
UCR Data Center Tour

Other / future items if time and desirable (feel free to submit others):

- I have handouts on APC High Density Cooling solutions including pricing on an 40 rack, 12KW/rack chilled-water engineered solution proposed for UCSB. We are facilitating APC's contact with Steven Benedict's Strategic Sourcing office to affect better pricing. APC would like to present to JDCMG at a future date. IBM also has a solution, Cool Blue, that we could look into.

- I have handouts and quotes for Open Systems Storage pricing from HP
(EVA8000) ). Pricing @$100K for 6TB (3TB 10KFC, 3TB FATA), perf > 200k
iops, 1500MBs, 3 years TCO, virtualization, 1TB snapshot, growth to 72TB. Also have EMC via Dell (CX500/700) pricing.

- Evolution of colo models. We touched on this early on in our meetings. with some sites looking for new models. Anything successful? UCSB is looking to convert the IS&C Data Center to a Research Computing Data Center with a staffed, full cost recovery financial model as a vehicle to renovation.

- Fundamental Software FLEXCUB / FLEX-ES mainframe and device emulation. UCSB is looking at using the FLEXCUB (Control Unit Behavior) in lieu of the Bus-Tech solution to provide vtape, vdasd, remote IPL consoles, and mapping of open systems tape as 3490/3590 devices on a DR machine. Full emulation is in the $30k range. FLEX-ES is the hardware emulator that T3
/ Cornerstone uses, which is the systems noted in Tony's note a month or so ago. I forwarded Michael Yuan's licensing concerns to Fundamental, and am told that much has been resolved in this area. Fundamental has a large installed base at ISV's, Production shops and internally at IBM (over 700 I am told). They can get 200MIPS on a quad x86. Biggest current limitations: ESCON only support (FICON coming) and IBM license restrictions to 31 bit mode. They would like to present to JDCMG.

- x86 and other non-mainframe (Sun, AIX, ??) DR. We already know that
the mainframe is not enough ...

- x86 Virtual Machine (either VMware or Xen) Working Groups. Why should
each campus looking to implement Virtualization have to reinvent the wheel?

- HR1386 / Data Security Practices at each campus. How are we protecting
our data? Who is doing it?


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